A showcasing of our previous projects.


Built and installed a custom staircase railing. Painted and then stained the entire staircase.


Installed a beautiful blue themed kitchen backsplash along the wall, with care to make sure all...

Double Barn Doors

Installed double sliding barn doors infront of the office and a single sliding barn door to the...

Barn Door

Installed two single sliding barn doors on each entrance to the kitchen. The wood was refurbished...


Expanded the original deck on the house to create a larger area. Added doored steps for the dog.

Ceiling Repair

Repaired a damage cieling by patching it and then made the new ceiling match the texture of the...


Tore up the old flooring and laid down new floating floors across two bedrooms and the hallway.


Painted several rooms throughout the house, including the bathroom and bedrooms.


Created a custom cage with a sliding barn door to hold a medium sized dog.

Emergency Roof Repair

This contains pictures of several small roof repairs we have done. Our roofing is meant to be used...


Removed and hung old windows inside the staircase as interior decorartion.

New Door and Storm Door

Fully replace the door and storm door, which was completey broken and fell from the frame.

Door Repair

Installed a new door, removed an old window, and repaired damaged bricks around the door. Replaced...

Sump Pump

Repaired a broken sump pump to keep the houses foundation clear of water.

Drywall Repair

Restored drywall with multiple holes and extensive damage from termites.

Handrail Repair

Repaired a broken hand rail by installing new wood posts in a stunning white.


Tore down old fencing that was falling over and rebuilt a new fence, while preserving the old bird...

Rails Painting

Re-painted old railing on a houses front porch to a crisp, revitalizing white.


Replaced an old and dirty mailbox with a fresh newly built custom mailbox.


Tore out the old door and installed a new one along with a new storm door.


Created a custom bunkbed. Has a standard ladder attached and a slide for extra fun.

Bathroom Renovation

Completely renovated the bathroom. This included installing a shower valve, installing cement boards...

Picture Frames

Custom created and painted several large picture frames. Hung these picture frames up inside a gym...

Windows Repair

Fixed an old an broken dormer window frame that was high up and above part of the roof.


Built a new deck and installed a wheel chair ramp for accessibility. The other side also has regular...

Rare Fencing

Installed fencing in a backyard to hide the pool pumps. This is a fence made from cement boards...

Small Deck

Built a small deck from scratch leading out to the backyard. This is color composed wood with PVC...

Shed Repair

Repaired an old and broken down shed. This shed had to be half rebuilt, the entire roof was replaced...